being in love with someone who isn’t even real is painful


Some people that follow me are so kind to me > . <


Jan? From austria? :o


i actually found a coat for the winter that suites me. doesn’t make me look fat or drained of any life (dark colours do that to my skin) it’s a cute yellow parka with a big fluffy white faux fur hood i can hide in =n__n=



really want to fly to norway and sweden next year. it’s on my to do list 


some cute girl ran up to me and sam today and said “oh you’re so cute eeek” and i didn’t really know how to respond but if you’re reading…we thought you were cute too and we wanted you to join our group lol :3


had my eyes tested today and she said i have perfect vision and there’s nothing wrong with them and i was just like.. but i wanted glasses :[
o - o  i think they’re kute 

15:37 🍬💕🍬💕🍬💕🍬💕
Anonymous: What do your family think about you looking gay as fuck?

What do your family think about you being in love with me and fapping to my photos every night

Anonymous: Do you make your living off the internet?

yes i sell used underwear on ebay occasionally that lets me live comfortably for a few years at a time

Anonymous: What hair dye do you use?

It changes… but it’s always a mix of 2 or 3
Right now it’s la riche fluorescent glow and crazy colour pine green 

ossokawaii: What products do use for you're hair if any? :3

wax for shine. hairspray for hold and bubblegum scent for cuteness

13:57 When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. 🍋 when those lemons are people. Just use the blender